Not bad mate!

Sounds like you have a good start for an ocean themed concept album.

I really like the lyrics for "The Ballad of William Henry", but maybe switch up the vocal melody a bit, other than that You have some great stuff.

Keep it up.
Thanks man! And, you read my mind, there are two songs of a ten song concept album I'm writing about the sea and seafarers.
Coastline King - The lyrics are really good, but I feel the melody and rhythm could use a little work. I think this may sound better with a full band too, just to make it sound a bit more epic, it would definitely add to the imagery you're painting with the lyrics.

The Ballad Of William Henry - Once again the lyrics are good, you've got a good base for a melody here, with a little work this could be a really great song. It reminds me of The Suburbs by Arcade Fire. I like the chord progression in this one too.

Overall I'd say just work on your melodies a little more, and practicing singing, a few notes felt off. You're a great lyricist though.

Thanks man! I defiantly agree that these songs would sound better with additional instrumentation, I'm thinking; Drums, Mandolin, Cello, Fiddle, and accordion added to the guitar and vocals, someday I'd like to record them.