Im playing bass abouth a year but i have been using my friends bass. Now im moving to UK and i need to buy a bass. I got some money but i dont want to spend all of it due to i dont know what will happen in UK.. my family is not so rich...

İ also want a good gig bag , leather strap and a new bass multi effects that cuts my budget.

some people things its ugly but this is the link: 122 euro

and this is the mutli effects :

if this deal didnt finished i will buy this :

ı want effects beacuse i have been using my Zoom G9 (i know guitar) but its too big to carry. And im not sure which effects i will want.. mostly Od/dist and Comp.

My skills and style:

ı play lots of stuff from RHCP.. Im regularly gigging in my country.

Rammstein - Seemann is my favorite bass song

and i can REALLY play and slap.. not playing root notes..

PLEASE share your views with me and help me...

i can increase my budget up to 300 euros.. but i dont want

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Quote by moses132049
the bass is fine, its like a fender jazz bass.

Didn't sound very pleasant from the audio samples, though.
it looks nice.. copy of squier vin. mod. j-bass

the sound is too.. treble i think.. idk if i liked or not..

i dont want to spend lots of money but want to get something to survive active gigging

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Quote by LeakyFlask
Didn't sound very pleasant from the audio samples, though.

Thomann's samples are awful, even of their house brands.

I trust Harley Benton, I've bought their products before and they're of a quality worth twice as much as what their asking.

Behringer = no. If you want a multi fx then look at Zoom products.

Peavey are rock solid. Probably the most solid construction for value. Maybe not the best sounding but a Peavey product will outlast you.
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I don't know why people are going on about the sound samples when there are too many variables.

the bass sounds fine to me, amp is probably set with too much treble.

Grab it and if you don't like it send it back
Quote by FatalGear41
In the end, the only question is: what bass would Jesus play?

I think he's a Fender Jazz guy.
yes thomann is the best shop.

So you say dont buy behringer ( i liked the way it looks) and buy a zoom ? ( i own G1 ,G2 ,G9)

how abouth single pedals ? ı think all i want is a good distortion and sound good at clean and slaps

Note: I will not have my own amp in uk

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If you don't have your own amp then a multi effects would be great as a headphone amp. For a good distortion and a good slap sound on the cheap I'd recommend an EHX Bass Big Muff (about £50) and some sort of compressor for the slap sound. I don't use them myself so I don't know what to recommend there.

The Zoom B2 will have everything you need, I used to own one.
For a cheap-ish compressor you could have a look at the Ashdown dual band compressor
So you say that bass is fine ? ... my dream is to buy a Music Man or sterling stringray ... giged once with it.. soo amazing.. my ıbanez grs 200 was crying..

and what do you say b2 ? or b1 with exp pedal ?

i just dont want to spent alot.. only gig bag costs 40 euros.. likely i will not buy it and not buy a new strap..

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i was looking to GAK.co.uk and i found these two basses (im a huge fan of music man and stingray)



the cherry burst looks more orginal and may be better quality.. more knobs.. tuners..

but i loved black color.. what do you say ?

wish to have stingray copies at thomann.de


found the black one.. what do you think abouth it ?


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