Hey guys, I've been looking for some replacement pickups for my Dean Razorback (Cemetery Gates Model http://www.deanguitars.com/dean_winter_08/RazorbackCemeteryGates.htm) it sounds way to flat and thin for me, I'm usually a Gibson guy, I have a Gibson Les Paul with Duncan Alnico II Pros in it, an SG with Gibson stock pups in it (I forget which ones) and a V with Gibson 498T, and 490R's (I think), so I usually play 80's stuff (think Tesla, Kiss, GN'R, Van Halen, David Lee Roth, with some Megadeth) and I usually use the Dean for the songs I need the whammy to do dives and stuff on so I need something that handles dives well to, thanks for any help you give me, thanks.
Oh and please don't just forward me to the threads that explain 'How to pick your pickup' because those don't tend to work for me thanks.
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Seymour Duncan's is probably what your looking for.

Yeah it came with a Duncan Dimebucker in the bridge and stock Dean in the neck I'm on Duncans site right now, I'm liking the George Lynch Screamin Demon, and the Invaders right now.
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Look at the "Which Pups?" sticky. These threads flood this place, and this is gonna get closed.

Like I said, plz dont link me to those stickys -_- I know itl get closed I just wanted real fast suffestions