I play with a thinner pick whenever I need to alot of strumming which involves upstrokes like funk or playing acoustic. But whenever I play any kind of lead playing or power chords, a heavier pick feels better.
That's what they usually recommend. Not much to add

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Lighter picks are better for strumming, IMO. You get a softer sound and you can play quietly without having to try so hard. A heavier pick would give you a lot more string attack, which you don't want when you strum.

Now, for any kind of electric playing, I use a heavy pick simply because if I need a lighter sound, I roll back my volume and turn off the gain. But for acoustics, the general rule is lighter picks are better for strumming.
Nope. Either my Jazz IIIs or my fingers.
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Use a pick heavy enough to pick and thin enough to strum. I have that problem too and the Dunlop Tortex 0.96mm solved it.
Dunno how anyone can use Jazz IIIs for strumming, feels horrible. I use tortex 1.14mm (purple) and it suits nicely for the metal i play. Very versatile with good attack
One guy I knew years ago used very thin nylon sheet material for his picks. Almost like stiff paper. Worked great for him...Never played a single note in his life.