I recently got a guitar with a locking trem system in it and although I use it for more then this, when I got it I decided to learn a few little tricks on and off. One of the key things I've been trying to do is a dive bomb, and after viewing a dozen videos I think I have it down for the most part (though I need to get my distortion pedal out the gain on my amp isn't enough for my liking). I tried doing it off the G and D strings on the 24th fret though just for laughs and it sounded like a UFO from a bad sci fi movie. I correct myself a really bad movie. Any ideas if this has been used a lot for something else besides messing with trick or treaters on halloween or messing with my neighbors? Any song examples?
Tons of Pantera solos use the trem for divebombs, try doing what dimebag did and dive the G, then hit the 5th fret harmonic whilst the string is still loose and pull up, sounds so sick haha
you can do a really cool F1 sound on the 15th fret on the GBE strings
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