Hey guys, I'm new to UG and would like to post up a song that i have recently written. A little bit of constructive criticism would be nice.

Why do things always have to be a lost cause
Where do we go when its time to face the

I can’t be over you…
It’s too soon…

Conversations taking time as well
We’re playing chess your on both sides
It’s hell

Black to white and white to red
Choices made before a choice is said
Talking in one place and act in another
Why the hell should we even bother

The future comes to soon I won’t hold on
It’s rushing by so fast you know I can’t belong
You’re like the poison apple in my tree
Waiting to be eaten

Trust and truth and love and fear
All encompass me and hear
All the things I said I’d do
It’s well known I’ll hold them true

Life begins and love I can mend
Why is it that now my life must end
Where is ambition without desire?

Who knows maybe we’ll even retire

You’ve made your choice too fast
I would rather we just move it all past

An idea is like a curse
Once it's been placed, you know it can't be reversed