I've got a chance to pick a martin D-1832 Shenandoah up for 575 tomorrow. Is it worth it?

Anyone have any experience with one?
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I once owned a Martin Shenandoah many years ago. I believe they are no longer made - someone correct me if I'm wrong. At the time (1983-1996) they were intended as a more affordable alternative to the existing Martin range of acoustics.
The main difference is that they were built in Japan and used laminated woods for the back and sides, though solid spruce for the top.
Using laminated woods inevitably inhibits the ability of a guitar tone to mature over time, but laminated woods are cheaper, hence the lower price for the Shenandoah.
If I was thinking of buying one now I would judge it purely on the tone it has now, because that's as good as it's likely to get.
Price-wise I guess you're talking in dollars? Well 575 doesn't sound too bad - it depends on the condition doesn't it? Do a search online-ebay, retailers etc to get a better idea of current prices.
I was pleased with mine at the time, until I learned about guitars constructed totally from solid-wood and I eventually part-exchanged mine for a D28. That's not to try and put you off at all though. Have a play of it, and judge it purely on it's own terms. If you're happy with the tone and the way it plays then you may well have the guitar you want.
Hope that helps
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