Hey to all of my dude-bros on UG...what's doing?

So a literally brand new Kramer Striker 600st has come into my possession after 30 years in storage. It's like fresh out of a time machine!!!! So I put on my spandex and grabbed my aquanet.

However! I cant seem to figure out how to select a bloody pickup! It has 2 on/off switches and one 3 way.

Any ideas? I wanna get the bridge one going to play some hair metal!!

Thanks guys
mmh not sure cant you just do it by the sounds of it?
looked up pictures of it
i think the on off switches control each pick up so you can turn which one you want on and off
the three way controls the humbucker one of those positions is splitting it one is off and the other is full humbucker

^this is all i got from the picture
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It sounds like you're talking about something set up like a Jaguar, probably works the same way except for maybe a split/tap. There arn't many new ideas in the world of guitars, lol.

^**** that.

Probably jsut a standard switch and a coil split/tap thing.
Well the obvious answer is, 3-way to select pickup, mini switches are for coil splits.