I don't have anything to crit, so take this with a grain of salt. There are a lot of cool ideas in the song. The riff at 0:45 sounds forced, like you were fishing for an awesome riff that just didn't start but the riff ending for it at 0:48 is nice, it fits very well. The riff at 1:30 sounds forced. The solo sounds pretty cool. The way the song comes off to me is that you're a lead guitar player at heart and threw the rhythm riffs around just for something to play leads over...which is fine, hundreds of bands do it. The bridge riff after the interlude was pretty cool and it left me wanting to hear a solo over that riff a lot sooner, almost from the start.

Anyways, the potential is there, the ideas are there, just keep it up. If you wanna insult any of my stuff be my guest, I have some stuff on my page if you want. We're pretty much in the same genre.
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I really don't like your guitar tone man, it's really grainy and digital. Apart from that, potential! The timing is pretty sloppy in places but there are plenty of decent ideas to work together. This genre is really drums-dependent, so maybe look into getting drum track software so you can get the full idea of your song across even in your demos. There is plenty of material to work with, just tighten the screws a bit, change your tone and get some drums in there!

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I liked the guitar tone when it was used in the opening riff. I don't think you should use it on every song, and it didn't work so well under the solos because it's a little too heavy to let the lead guitar shine. Good for a 'special' sound for the intro, though.

You really need drums, as punkman said. Your songs will enter a new dimension when you start integrating them.

If your song was a photographic image I'd say the contrast was turned too high; some of the detail is missing. Add those details - light and shade in the tones - and you'll be onto a winner. The passion and ideas are there.

Here's one of mine: http://soundcloud.com/jehannum/bludgeonizer
Thank you all for the feedback, I'll get critiquing right away!

I write these songs with a drum track in my head (I've been playing drums for 4 years too) but my recording gear sucks so it's not worth adding drums. As for my tone? My recording gear sucks lol. I use a digitech RP50 and a BOSS Metalcore pedal. It's about as good as I can get the sound. I record by sections and mix and add the parts using Wavepad. It's a pain in the neck to use, which is why it probably sounds choppy and out of time or flow at parts. I'll probably post an updated version of this at some point, with alot of the mistakes and sloppiness removed
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This really needs drums to be honest. I'd recommend EZdrummer. I would say as some have said already that there are some cool ideas in fact I would say all of your riffs are pretty damned solid but without the rest of the "band" we can't hear anything but a bunch of riffs pasted together .

I like your ideas but as a former hardcore/metalcore guitarist myself I can say that the style relies a lot on the drummer and vocalist and without them it's hard to understand what kind of sound you are actually going for.

You have decent chops and your writing is good, I think you should be looking to join a band to give some these ideas a home .

I would say from a guitarists point of view your tone is very saturated and could use some work and your lead work is not as good as your riffing. Keep working on it though there is promise.

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