Is this a good pedal to have. A local guy has a few differant boss pedals for $50 including this one.
This must help sustain the note longer, sound interesting
I don't think that boss pedals are that good ( i has several boss pedals , but sold all of them because there are better alternatives)

Also a it only makes the quiet sounds louder, compressing the dynamic range, so it only good for clean sound or light overdrive, if your using a high gain amp, that it is useless to you.
I don't have experience with it, but I'd expect it to be a very regular Boss pedal. Boss is something that you usually can't really go wrong with it - it won't redefine life for you, and there will be many pedals better than it around, but it'll get the job done. For $50 it's not very expensive, so I'd say to go for it if it appears intriguing for you.

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I have one and I must say i4m not that impressed.
It doesn't sustain the note that long and it gives a lot of feedback, I mostly used it as a volume boost
I have one and I use it here and there. It gets the job done. I don't have any complaints about it.

Never had any phantom sounds caused by the pedal or anything unless it was through a solid state amp that has the simulator stuff on it.

To each their own. See if you can test it for a lil while and see if it's one you'd like to add to the collection.
mine added a lot of noise. worth bearing in mind.
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I'm not a fan of Boss pedals in general, and there are defiently better compressors about. That said I have a CS3 which has the Pedaldoc mod - takes away most of the hiss and makes it sound a lot sweeter, but without the mod I didn't use it all that much. For cleans I always have it on, and I generally leave it on distorted, but iut doesn't make any difference there for me really. If your handy with a soldering iron I would defiently get the pedal and one of the various mods on the internet and you will probally get on with it