I've been playing my electric guitar for a bit over a year now and I'm thinking about getting an acoustic guitar this summer. I'll be going to Long and Mcquade ( a music store in BC) tomorrow so I'd love it if you guys could browse this page :http://www.long-mcquade.com/departments/10/Guitars/Acoustic.htm

And recommend a good acoustic guitar.

I normally play Beatles songs ALOT and other classic rock stuff. I was thinking of getting a 12 string but that's more of a secondary thing for me after a 6 string. My spending limit is no more than $400. I don't mind if it's semi-electric either I guess but it doesn't have to be.
imo, the best guitar in your budget is the Yamaha FG730s

you can probably get a good deal on it considering that guitar center is selling it for $300, and they are selling it for $329. Just tell them this and they should either match or beat the price(they might even throw in some free accessories like a strap and picks!)
Yamaha protects their brand by not putting out junk.

If you were in need of on-board electronics, I would recommend looking into a Takamine (but I'm not sure you can get at their good stuff for $400).

$250-400 should put you in a very good place to find a Yamaha.
solid top, nice sound.

i prefer the cedar, but if you prefer spruce, there ya go.

http://www.long-mcquade.com/products/10387/Guitars/Acoustic/Yamaha/FG730S_-_Acoustic_Guitar.htm nice guitar, silvery tone that cuts through pretty well, nice finish.

if you really want an acoustic electric, i'd suggest this one that's a few bucks above your budget

but if you absolutely can't afford those few bucks, and really want electronics, i'd go with this one

while it doesn't have a solid top - and a solid top usually means better sound and often louder sound - it's among the best sounding all laminate guitars i've tried. the thing is, since electronics cost money, they have to cut costs somewhere. some companies all-laminate guitars sound cardboardy or muffled - yamaha delivers surprisingly clean sound for an all lam guitar.
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I hate to be that guy, but you really need to go try out guitars yourself.

No amount of online opinions are going to actually help you get the guitar that sounds/feels good to you.
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