You realize the idea of strife of why true music is in the shade of lame ass electronic, droid music in pop music, today.

Keep fighting. The worm will turn... someday. As long as folks, like us, keep fighting with songs like this...

It is both beautiful and Man. 9.0/10. C4C, in my sig...
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Nice acoustic tones, sometimes it sounds like you got something in your mouth with the vocals, but the melody is nice.

Nice melodies, the song builds up nicely, not really digging the tone of the electric guitar, doesn't feel like it fits the song, it sounds a little too cheap/low-fi or something.

Overall it's a nice song man, nice work.
^ I agree with King Turi, the electric guitar sounds a bit thin and jagged, a little bit more balls to the electric would benefit the electric guitar part.

I liked the song, it was really good, very well written. Not much to crit on other than the electric guitar.

Thanks for the crit btw.

Okay crit while I listen:
The acoustics sound great, the bass drum could be higher in the mix and have more presence. The high hat sounds a little odd, if it was higher it'd be better. The vocals sound great, a little work on your tone, but yeah it's great. The layering is nice. The electric guitar definitely needs more presence like the other says, just make it louder and work on the tone, and let it build up, thats where the song builds up too so it has to be strong. The song is very well written, good job.

You wouldn't happen to have a version of this song without drums? I might be able to do something with it.
(C4C) Here's the thread for my loopy loop, "We Began." It's kooky... CLICK