1. Infectious...5:20
2. The One-Hundred Year Storm...6:13
3. Monochrome...7:54
4. Dont Say Anything...9:34
5. Something To Fight For...11:32
6. Everywhere I look, The Sun Is In My Eyes...6:44
7. Escape Yourself...8:04
8. Origin...10:45

TOTAL: 66:06


Hello. Im a "one man band". If you're into bands like The Contortionist,Scale The Summit,Cloudkicker, check out my music, it doesn't suck, i promise. All of my discograpy is free too!
No it doesn't suck at all, as a matter of fact "nothing, nowhere, no one of one of my favorite songs. Thank you for making some good music using the 8 string guitar, I'm not a meshuggah fan but I respect that typeof music, until the screaming starts. Your music I can listen and really hear every note like nothing nowhere no one is drop E. I guess I'm just trying to say thanks.