So I was sending a friend of mine links to pages from the IM feature of facebook, and soemthing happened it had me verify using captcha. One thing led to another, and now I get a message everytime I log in;

"For security reasons your account is temporarily unavailable.
Unfortunately, your computer appears to be infected with a virus.
Don't worry. We'll help you find and remove any infected files right away."

I'm weary about this, and was wondering if anyone can help shed some light on this
Are you on a windows computer? If that's the case

1. Turn off your computer
2. Start it in safe mode
3. Use system restore and revert back to a date where you could access Facebok
4. Install a virus program, Microsoft Secuirity Essentials is really good and free.

Have a read at this about system restore (first google result)

Think mac have a similiar feature, but called Time Machine or something, not sure really.
Well do you have viruses?
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The message is their way of saying they will gladly remove the viruses THEY put on your computer after you pay them.

Follow GisleAune's advice.
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The message is their way of saying they will gladly remove the viruses THEY put on your computer after you pay them.

Follow GisleAune's advice.


Have you tried to access Facebook from another machine? If you have and it works take these actions.

Save your personal files to an external hard drive or a collection of flash drives

Get the factory install disks and start over.
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Facebook is very strict about security.

I tried to access it with a new computer once, and I had to do a test where I named the depiced friends. They certainly didn't consider the "tag me here if..."-pictures and other retarded images when they made that test.

I also recommend you to follow the advice my tech savvy brother, GisleAune, gave you.
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Get spybot S&D, really helps get rid of shitty little things like that.
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Well I followed GisleAune's avise, rebooted in safe mode and system restored to a point where I definitely know I could use Facebook. Message still keeps popping up, even on my brother's PC. I did a scan of my PC, and nothing seemed to show up. I did some googling, and found that Facebook has implented a "roadblock" system for security reasons and are supposed to help you get back in to your account. I found someone whos in the same boat as me. For the record, on step 3 it wants me to "scan and repair." So he followed the instructions and eventually led to Facebook trying to prod him into use/buy their preferred anti-virus tool (McAfee.)

I've concluded that its bs, and probably won't be using Facebook anytime soon. I'm-a still try and find out more though.

sfaune92, you're right about them being strict on security