I tried eq'ing and am using an Ibanez Tubescreamer, but it doesnt sound right. Do I need a distortion pedal too? Tips?
Didn't you just create a whole shit storm about some dude at Sam Ash telling you how to EQ... and now you're asking us how to EQ?
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The tubescreamer is an OD, what you're gonna need is distortion. Doesn't even need to be an expensive one -> most "gritty, harsh, dry sounding digital made in Japan" stompboxes will do, as long as they don't sound too "muddy" when you're playing power chords (why not try some at your local store: make sure to try 'em with a Twin Reverb or another Fender-like amp)

The cool thing is you can combine your tubescreamer and that distortion pedal to play some crazy high gain stuff (when I started playing I used to play rhythm parts with my distortion pedal on, then kick in the OD for some soloing or tapping, but there's so much more you can do with those 2 types of pedals)

The real question is: do you really NEED to achieve a Metallica-ish tone (like, are you gonna be gigging and covering some of their songs n stuff)? 'Cos I were you I'd get a nicer (warmer sounding) high-end pedal like the Blackstar HT or a Fulltone OCD. They're certainly not perfect for a classic Metallica sound, but the thing is: neither is your amp. Twin Reverbs aren't ideal for thrashy stuff at all, but they're fantastic amps nonetheless and personally I WAY prefer the sound of an amp such as the one you own with the mids turned up a bit, the bass and treble at about 12 o' clock in combination with a pedal that can either give you a Hendrix or Tool-like tone, depending on how far you decide to crank u the gain

But that's just me...

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