So I'm a guitarist looking for my first bass, for studio use. I'm not looking for a starter-pack bass, I want something sturdy, that comes with good pickups, and will hold tuning well. Overall I want something that I don't have to do any modifications to, just ready for use right out of the box. Has to be comfortable to play sitting, and may get some live use, so I would prefer no radical shapes.

I play modern rock and some metal, a la Alter Bridge, A Perfect Circle, Metallica, Foo Fighters, Dope, Coheed and Cambria, Alice in Chains, Tool, and some industrial along the lines of NIN and Marilyn Manson. It will mostly be tuned to Drop D and Drop Db. I do not have an amp, I will be using various recording software.

Maximum budget for only the guitar is $666 USD, I will be buying used.

Ideas and general tips would be appreciated!
Fender Highway 1 Jazz. It's got everything you need and it's as good as basses costing $500.00 more.
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I'd recommend looking at something active, especially if you'll only be using a DI (I'm presuming you're wanting something to just sit nicely in the mix if you're not a bassist by trade). I recently bought a Musicman Stingray, which has active electronics... in a recording setting, I find the tone I get out of it is a hell of a lot easier to work with and sits really nicely in the mix, without much work at all, compared to my passive Fender Jazz which usually takes quite a bit more work (I don't like to record that one without micing an amp up as well).

Obviously a Musicman is going to be out of your budget, but Ibanez ATK300's are often compared to them in terms of tonal quality - they have active electronics, and they're extremely versatile too. Ibanez have great build quality, and probably one of the best brands on a budget (alongside the Squier VM/CV series etc). Only possible downside to an ATK would be the chunky neck, but it depends what you like.

You'd also have a bit left on budget there for a couple of effects pedals or something. For recording I'd recommend looking at an Electroharmonix Bass Big Muff if you decided to look into any pedals, it has a separate out for the wet signal, so you can keep the unaffected signal too, and blend in some of the fuzz; with the bass boost function on the fuzz it can really help to thicken out your mix if used in moderation.
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Get a Fender Deluxe Active Jazz Bass, they are pretty good, versatile, thin neck, and go for 600-700 new so you could easily get a used one under budget
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