Looking for a casual video camera, and the 'flips' seem perfect. Not planning on making movies or shows etc, but mainly looking to take videos of special events and stuff.

Flip like


Anyone tried them? Are they good/ reliable? Are there any better alternatives?

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My mom got one as a free gift or something. Didn't seem much better than a plain old digital camera.
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A friend of mine had the Ultra HD one and it seems fine, depends what you want from a video camera really. I also know nothing about them... But it seemed decent enough to me.

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Are there any other similar products like it?
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I couldn't tell ya to be honest, i'd say your best bet is to just read online reviews.

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They don't make them anymore.
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They stopped making them... because they're ****ing shit
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back in high school we made our own home movie for an english project with one. it worked ok.
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I got a Kodak ZI8 for about 150€ about half- year ago, so now there are probably some better handycams for a smaller price. Just check them out on any store, and then search for reviews or video-tests.

About the Kodak ZI8 I got impressed when I saw the video quality of that little thing (cellphone syze) and actually used it for several video projects and of course home-made videos. Now the biggest disavantage is its instability, even if you hold it with both hands, it will shake pretty bad, since its a light video camera. This will happen with any of those smaller cameras.
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Yep. I use mine for youtube vids, and for when my band played shows. I'd have someone record the vids, then I'd extract the audio and mix it to an mp3. I think for the price they're really good.

EDIT: Mine isn't even the HD one, so if you get the HD it'll be even better.
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we used them at school once for a geography assessment
they're good, but you can do much better