Pretty self explanatory, I'm a big Slash fan and a big Guns N' Roses fan and Appetite is my favourite album of all time, is the AFD guitar worth it if I have a Les Paul Studio?

EDIT: I have a Marshall AVT100
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Of course it isn't, just buy slash's new signature alnico II pro pickups by seymour duncan and install them in your studio
Cheaper than a new guitar and will get you as close as possible to the appetite for destruction tone
it's not worth it because you'll probably find very quickly that your les paul studio is just a better guitar.

gman128's suggestion is good if you really wanna get closer to that tone with your gibson LP, but even that might not necessarily be worth it.

what amp do you have? there are some amps where it's just not worth changing pickups because they don't really respond to subtle differences in tones.
I like analogue Solid State amps that make no effort to be "tube-like", and I'm proud of it...

...A little too proud, to be honest.
yh was gonna mention the amp. Seen a few interviews where slash said that it was his les paul copy+ alnico II pro pickups + marshall head that got him the AFD tone
It's not the same as the head he's using. If you can't afford the AFD head then your best off getting a Marshall Vintage Modern as that's what he's been using up until the AFD head came out. It's unlikely you'll be able to afford a modded Plexi/JCM-800
if your gonna drool over the guitar as it's the sig model you really want then yeah, get it!
you can get the tone out of your studio as others have mentioned but it still won't have the the slash sig on the neck and that could be enough to make you want it! don't blame ya, i've done similar things before and will do again!
as far as owning a second LP, well, i've got a gibson lp studio as well, and a couple of months ago got an epi lp custom and put some active emg's in it.... i love it! it is a completely different guitar to play compared my gibson studio so don't think that every LP is the same! there's certainly no problem in having a second LP in your collection!!

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