I currently have a vox ad30vt which has around 8 different effects including autowah, chorus, tremelo, reverb, delay, flanger, phaser, comp

I'm wondering if an effect pedal or wah pedal would be much better quality than the effects my amp provides and would be beneficial. I assume the wah effect from a pedal would be better than the auto wah but is better enough that it would be worth it?
I guess you will get better sound quality if you use seperate pedals or effects instead of all the effects that is built in your amp.

But I don't think your amp is bad at all, that is not what I'm trying to say. You may have very good sounds, but I think the originals pedals/effects are better.

You asked: "Is it much better?"
I'm not sure about the difference.
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because stomp box effects have a wider range, you can get great sounds out of them, while get only mediocre sounds out of digital ampboard effects. (dont get the idea that digital effects are bad, they aren't, but the ones on amps usually are)

Depends on the amp
Spider effects = shit
Vetta II effects = nice
Switchblade effects = nice