I'm planning to replace the single coil bridge pickup in my Silvertone SS11 guitar with the humbucker from a Kramer Striker 300ST that I've got. I really have no idea where to start, other than to make sure the humbucker will fit in the Silvertone, which it will.

Can anyone point me in the right direction, or offer instructions on what to do? I'm not really worried about the amount of work it will take on my part, and the least money used the better, since I have a budget of pretty much nothing. Any assistance you can provide would be much appreciated.

(Also, ANY information on the guitars needed can be provided by me. I just wasn't sure what was needed at the time of posting this.)
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Check out stewmac.com. They have a pretty good resource on wiring pickups.

Thanks, I'll look at that. But I'm really hoping for someone to help me out with specific instructions, if that's possible. Something more specific to what I'm doing. But whatever works is fine.
i googled the guitar

heres what you do:
unscrew the old pickup mounts
follow the hot lead, and the ground wire (most times only one wire will come from the pickup but part is the ground)

take a heated soldering iron to the solder where those wires hook up and pull them off
put in the new wires for the new pickup at the same place
this is the hard part:
you need to measure the new pickup to the old hole
dont mount the humbucker angled like that
make it so it will look nice
make a mark where you must cut
cut with the desired tool
slip the new pickup in
you will need to drill a new mount hole for one of the mount screws
hope i helped
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Fender freak pretty much nailed it

But for future reference, questions like this should go in rhe wiring thread. There's a link in my sig

i felt like i was missing something though
but he already said it fits
so he shouldnt need to router out the body i dont think??
i remember i had a starcaster by fender i did the same too
it came ''factory routed'' to an HSH configuration but was SSS
and i made it HSS