I'm picking my epiphone at GC today & I really want the proffessional setup for my guitar, (case,lower action,string placement,etc),I know some people here have managed to include that setup in there purchase. So could help me out to lower the price of even make it free?
Did you pay for the guitar already? If they have your money they're less inclined to give you more.

BTW, there's no case when it comes to a setup.
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BTW, there's no case when it comes to a setup.

This. I really wouldn't even try to negotiate the price of a set-up (and I'm a notorious haggler). If you haven't paid for your guitar, you could try to get a better deal on that in order to offset the cost of the setup, but that's about it. Sorry bro, but it looks like you're SOL.
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Say "You're breaking my balls, mate" repeadetly when you don't like the price or what it includes


You arleady payed, so forget about it.
Bottom line.... The profit margin on cheaper guitars is paper-thin; the store is hoping you'll play it for a year or so and then come back and buy a nicer one with a bigger margin.
The guy doing the set-up gets paid a flat salary; he gets his money regardless so there's no room there to haggle.
The store has to pay his salary and he'd be mighty upset if the manager told him to do work at a discount.
Pay the man; if he's good it's well worth the money.
Alright thanks for the advice. So what does the pro set-up include?

Does anyone have advice on string for a epiphone hummingbird? Also,any suggestions for cases?
Normally, a "set up" means adjusting the action to the customer's desires and checking to make sure the neck relief is set properly and the intonation is correct.
Depending on how much labor is required, the price can vary..... Most shops would make it somewhere between 30-50 bucks.
^ A set-up is 60-70 dollars in my area...they are a set price. So it probably varies depending on the area. The local guitar tech charges $84 an hour for labor.

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