About me:
BANDS PLAYED IN: Dark Minion- Supernal- Chyshuga- Taut Awning- Decimation- Supersift- Arbitrator- Shrinking Violet

BANDS I'VE OPENED FOR: Belvedere- Union 13- Cryptopsy- Snfu- Downway- Disciples of Power- Poobah- The Boozehounds- Of No Avail

BANDS I'VE AUDITIONED FOR: The Black Dahlia Murder-U.S- Belvedere-Canada- Hostility-U.S.- Paroxysm-Canada

SHOWS/TOURS: Have played over 500 hundred shows, 5 week North American tour in 2002 in support of a full length release, 5 week Canadian tour with Netherland's Of No Avail in 2002 in support of a full length release

STUDIO RECORDINGS I HAVE PLAYED ON: Dark Minion -Human suffering e.p. '93- Dark Minion-Soulraper's Eulogy '94- Supersift-Paradise Casino '01- Supernal-Living and Breathing '01 tracks 1-7/9,10,12- Taut Awning-Self titled e.p. '04- Arbitrator-The Consumate Ascendancy e.p. 2011

GEAR : Pdp birch drums 8x7 rack tom 10x8 rack tom 2-22x18 kick drums 16x16 floor tom 5.5x14 snare Zildjian cymbals 17' crash 18' crash 19'crash 20' crash 14' hi-hats 21'ride 16' china 18' china 19' china 8' splash 10'splash 9.5'zil-bel Axis pedals Remo heads Alesis dm5

Check out my recent drum video Akhenaton.