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I recently went to a guitar shop here in Norway, that is going to close down. Therefore they have a pretty good discount on everything, to get rid of it.

For the last 4-5 months i have been playing acoustic, and i play all the open chords well, and have just started getting those bar chords into my music. The thing is that i have always wanted an electric guitar, and now seems like the opportunity to get a good deal.

I have been offered an Epiphone Les Paul Custom (no more standard's in stock) to approximately $900 (original price approx. $1280).

In addition i can get an the Fender g-dec amp, a rack and a cable.

With all those things the price would be approx. $1400.

So do you guys think it will be a good deal? Or should i head over to another store, so that i'm certain i will get the future service i am going to need too?

Any tips will be greatly appreciated!
I don't know what prices are like in Norway but dang that's expensive! I have a standard. It's a good guitar. I think the only differences between the standard and custom are cosmetic. The G-Dec is a decent practice amp, IMO. What type of music will you be playing?
Well, Norway is a very expensive country (living in Sweden I get a shock every time I go over there). You might want to check out some online store like thomann. Quite reputable, based in germany, I know they ship to Sweden without any issues.

EDIT: Just remembered, Norway isn't a EU country. Will make things more complicated with the shipping what with customs and all. Maybe it's time to join so you don't have to buy everything at those ridiculous prices!
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I will be playing mostly (classic?) rock. GnR, led zep etc

Norway is expensive, and the least expensive standard would probably cost around $800 i think
I would check online to get it cheaper, because that sounds really expensive.
Thomann, the one LeakyFlask mentioned, for example, has it for 490-ish euros
Possibly look pre-owned, my friend bought one pre owned for £350 (not sure how much that is in $). But yeah, that does seem pretty expensive.