I'm sure this kind of thread is a pain in the butt for most people, but I wouldnt do this if I wasnt reeeally lost.

I live in Brazil, and in July I'm going to NYC just for fun, and I'm gonna take that chance to buy a new bass guitar.

I have a Ibanez SR506, and I want to go to a 5 string bass, under 2000USD.

I don't have a preference between passive or active, woods, anything, I just love those big fat bass, low tones, that double humbucker sound.

I need some help just to find some options, some basses that I could get that are 5 string, that I can play something as heavy as death metal.



Spector (it's a touch over but very worth it, and you can find it used for less)

Warwick (This will have the "biggest" sound imo)

MTD (Haven't played this one personally but MTD always comes highly recommended to me)

Stingray (Not my cup of tea but the HH can handle just about anything)

Those should be a good starting place for you lol
Good suggestions so far. Also check out Lakland's Skyline series, MTD Basses (Michael Tobias Design) and of course, Fender (Jazz V).

And for God's sake, don't park in a red zone. NYC will tow you in a heartbeat.
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music man will bu just fine...

warwick is awesome too

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