Should I get a 10-band eq or a 6-band eq? I will be using thru a tiny terror. Hoping for some bass help as the amp itself is lacking. I'd also like some control over scooping/boosting my mids. Don't want to spend more money than necessary.
it depends on how much control you want over your tone. a 10band EQ as its name implies allows you to control the level of 10 different frequencies while a 6band controls 6 frequencies. i haven't had any experience with an EQ pedal but imo it ultimately depends on how much control you want and the range of the pedal. Even though the 6 band has less control if the range will get the job done then you should probably go with it. If you want more control and more range then a 10 band would be ideal. The quality of the parts is a factor and that is usually reflected in the price. Good luck.
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You can find a used MXR 10-Band for under 75 bucks used usually. I ordered mine from GC used online.

It gives you tons of ways to shape your tone. I recommend them.
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I think most people recommend a 10 band EQ, the MXR 10 band EQ is popular from what I know, but if you don't want to break the bank a danelectro fish n' chips is good for the money from what I've heard (I've not tried it so don't take my word.)
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have the BOSS. i bought it for its tone shaping and volume control to use it as a clean boost kinda. its nice. lots of control. does add noise to signal if you boost volume or a particular frequency dramatically. the more you boost, the more noise. not horribly bad, but if you stop and listen its almost a "white noise".

bought it used for 40 bucks, get the job done im happy
I've heard the boss sucks tone. Is this true?
If it doesn't then it looks like a good alternative to the 10 band.