Poll: Fav Flavor of pop tarts?
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View poll results: Fav Flavor of pop tarts?
Strawberry/Blueberry/Cherry/Raspberry/Wild Berry
19 29%
Chocolate Fudge/Chocolate Chip
12 18%
Cinnamon Roll/Brown Sugar Cinnamon
7 11%
11 17%
Ice Creme Sandwich
1 2%
Rainbow Cookie Sandwich
1 2%
Vanilla Milkshake
0 0%
Cookies & Creme
3 5%
Hot Fudge Sundae
4 6%
Other (please specify)
7 11%
Voters: 65.
What's your favorite flavor of pop tart? And how do you eat them (toasted, raw, frozen, ect.) There are over 10 flavors so I'll leave an "other" option and you can specify below.
I'll have a Hot Fudge Sundae pop tart, Toasted, not cold.
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I prefer Cinnamon Brown Sugar, but no the Kellogg's Pop-Tarts. The wal-mart Great Value brand ones are extremely better. I like it toasted, with milk. I'll also take just about any other pop-tart, haha.
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Why did you combine all of the first ones? They're all terribly different, and take priority over the dessert flavors, like the Sundae, etc. The dessert flavors have only really been around for a few years, and, really, could have been left off in place of single spots for Strawberry, Blueberry, etc. in my opinion.

And you combined cinnamon with brown sugar cinnamon.

BSC's my favorite. With the frosting. Not toasted. Though, toasted's fine, I still like it, but I don't feel like they need it.

Best Pop Tart to toast are the chocolate ones. Dipped in milk.
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We only have strawberry and chocolate here, they're both terrible and too dry

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chocolate fudge in the toaster....ahh yeah
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Other. I don't know what the fuck a pop tart is.
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Wildberry. Or blueberry.

Wait why are all the good ones under the same option?
I love all of them! I don't discriminate between pop-tart flavors

I eat all of mine untoasted though because I'm too lazy to toast them and I always burn my mouth when I do
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wildberry toasted has to be the best.
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Frosted Strawberry. Smores comes in second.


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This is so funny. I was just eating one. Honestly I only have them when I don't feel like preparing anything more 'mature'.
Brown Sugar Cinnamon. Then Cookies and Cream.
Both of them are about the only good ones I've ever tried. They all taste chemically and like cardboard.
Smores or Brown Sugar Cinnamon. I like them toasted but I'll eat them right out of the box if I have to.
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I have never tried pop tarts, I went to a sweet shop and they sold them and it was like £6 for 10 or something and that seemed ridiculously expensive. Are they expensive in the US?
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all but cat flavored. that kind is annoying -_-
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Cherry pop tarts are my favorite, but pretty much any flavor in the first poll option is great.
A tie between Chocolate Fudge and S'mores.

I used to really love the watermelon kind. Do they even make that anymore? Sounds repulsive now, but I liked it as a kid, and probably would still like it now if only for nostalgia's sake.
Dip In Milk!
On playing the Paul Gilbert signature at the guitar store extensively, my missus sighed:
"Put it down now, It's like you love that guitar more than me!"
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Dip In Milk!

Microwave the blueberry ones for 11 seconds, dip in cold milk. Orgasm.
dont know wat a pop tart is.
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Wildberry should have its own option. It is the ONLY option.
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