Hey guys,
Next year I'm going into my schools jazz band, so I figured I'd get a start over the summer by teaching myself some basic chords and form used in jazz. I've been playing for 3 years with hard rock/alternative, so I have the general basics. I'll be playing as part of a full band (trumpets, trombones, etc.), so I might not need solo work, but I don't know. I'll be using an Ibanez AF95, or maybe my own Agile, but that's not important.

I'd love it if some of you could recommend some books, or online videos to learn from, because I don't feel getting a teacher is worth it.
I am also starting jazz guitar next year but i played bass last year. the book i found most useful was Standard of Excellence: Jazz Ensemble Method becuase it will give songs from rock, swing and latin. it also give all variatations of chords so u can choose which one u r better with. and the final thing is that it gives u basic improv lessons inbetween songs and chances r youll have to take a solo so it becomes very useful
I've used this and it's helped a bit with basics: http://www.justinguitar.com/en/JA-000-Jazz.php

Good luck and practice hard!
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Books? Get the "Real Book". It contains over 500 or so jazz songs, and while it might not be absolutely amazing as a "just learning guitar" technique and theory book, the fact is it's an amazing resource.

I lost my Real Book a little while ago... pissed me off, man.
Gotta finish my work, then play some grooves, so I can turn my room into a house of blues...