This is the first song that I ever wrote the full lyrics/music to. I put it up here so that I can see where I'm at in terms of songwriting.

A little background: This song was written after one of my best friend's youth pastor and son were killed in a house fire. Soon after that, my grandpa was diagnosed w/ cancer and we didn't know where it would end up. This song came out of the peace and joy knowing that both of those men are strong Christians, and "we know exactly where they are". Enjoy!

Verse 1

I saw you in the news again today
Nothing's been the same since you've passed away
I keep asking God, "Did it have to be you?"
Then I remember the one thing I know is true
And I said


We're all missing you down here
But we know exactly where you are
You're up there singin' with the saints and angels
Havin' a good time
You walked the streets of gold and you drank the river of life
But you're not far away
You're not far away
No, you'll never be far away
From our hearts

Verse 2

You'll never believe how many people your life touched
Hundreds of people through you know God's love
You were the best example of peace in life
And I have to think that you knew it all the time
So I said

Verse 3/Bridge (not quite sure which one yet)

Everybody who knew you had something good to say
You always let your light shine in every way
I guess it was Providence that ended your life so soon
Thousands more will hear your story and what you used to do
wow. this was really good, doesnt look like a first full song to me. i'll only suggest making the lines a bit short (short lines = more depth, for me atleast) thats all. keep on writing
Roses are red
Violets are blue
I write poetry
And it sucks.
Thanks for the tip.
Yea it really was my first full song. It just kind of came together.
Yea i know, ive been looking around for some CCM style pieces on here too. They're pretty scarce. Anyway, thanks for the feedback. Hope you liked it!