I'm looking to upgrade from my current bass (2003 Mexican Fender Precision) to something more suited to my band and I've been looking into the Ray 34.

Link - http://www.gak.co.uk/en/sterling-by-musicman-ray-34-stingray-4-black/29623

My band play Melodic Post-Hardcore (Enter Shikari/Fighstar stuff), mainly in Drop D. My Fender does handle it, I just want something more from it and I think the Ray 34 could do that. I've heard a few soundclips of them but just wondering if anyone owns one or could reccomend anything I could look at?

Thanks in advance!
Swear I've said this to someone on here before but, I'm not sure about UK pricing but over here the price difference between a Sterling Ray and an actual (used) EBMM Stingray is next to nothing and makes buying a Ray totally pointless unless you've got some OCD where you need to buy new instruments over old ones. I'd be looking for a used REAL Stingray, or at least a SUB.

My 2 cents.
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Sterling by MM go from about £550 - 700, second hand MMs start at about £800.

Subs go cheap but they're rare.

I've seen second hand MM's go for £600. But only when they're in a state (aesthetically anyway). Depends if you're bothered about the finish etc I suppose.

Personally I managed to buy a MM Stingray H 3EQ with a rosewood board the other month for £800, and it's in completely mint condition, not a mark on it.
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Swear I've said this to someone on here before.

Haha, yeah that was me.

I personally prefer the Ray34 over the MusicMan Stingray, I know it is cheaper materials and isn't made in the States, but I prefer the sound that comes out of it. Which is the reason I've ordered myself a Ray35 - I can't wait for it to come in

Just try each out and see what you like, its not like price has to be the deciding factor in the quality of an instrument.
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Yeah, price isn't really a problem at the moment; but if I can get a deal, I'd prefer that haha!

I am looking for cheaper/2nd hand EBMM Stingrays too, but no luck as of yet.

I'll keep a look out and I've heard from a friend that they're good quality and good to play as well. Thanks for the help everyone.