Hi there!

Can someone recommend a solid guitar which is good for Deathcore/Death metal?
I play in Drop A.

No floyd rose plox
Whats your budget? And do you want a 7 string? They make drop A super easy.
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**** i forgot to write that but i think i can spend around 1000 dollars

haha i dont play in drop a because i think im a superbroootal tard, but my band plays in A so =)
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Drop A is for n00bs. I play in Drop Z. It sounds so br00tal

Drop Z is for pussies. Drop Z flat is what you want.
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That's not what your mother said.

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Drop Z is for pussies. Drop Z flat is what you want.

my 10000000 dollar tuner broke when i tried to tune to Z flat so i couldnt.
Do you have a brand/neck profile preference? Are you looking for a baritone or a 7 string, or just a normal 6 string?

Also, where are you located?
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ESPs, Jacksons, or a NICE Ibanez are some of the best for playing metal from experience.
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