So basically it goes like this, I grew up with a really good friend and now I feel like there's really no reason we should hang out. He smokes weed (I would but thank you paranoia ) and drinks like he's ****ing dependant on it. Yea, I love some whiskey every now and then but every night is boring. The way he does it makes drinking seem... whack, for the lack of a better word. Also, when I'm with him and our other friends, he doesn't seem to care about anything else besides him or whatever he wants to do. Goddamn, he's also "in love" with this ***** who I swear got his **** on a leash. This sh!t's going downhill. I don't know whether to just stop hanging out with him or stick around and try to talk some sense into him. I'll probably just tell him I'm not a kid, I'm 19 and he ain't far behind my age either.

So anyone got any suggestions or tidbits?

Maybe a bitchslap for him? lol
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Sometimes you have to let people go, you can't save them all. He won't change just because of something you said.

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People grow apart.

^ That.

There'll be much better friends in your life. And I believe this should be posted here in the relationship thread.

But if he were a real friend he'd probably want to hang out/talk and blah blah blah...
just stop hanging out with him. you'll learn sooner or later that people rarely change and if they do it's of their own volition. move on.
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You're stating in your post that you're not enjoying his company anymore.
And if he is dependant, he won't stop just like that.. it might be time to move on and wait for him to grow up.
true true... very good points everyone, i'll most likely just tell him straight up "look dude, you're like a brother to me. But everytime we hang out, it feels like I'm going nowhere in life cuz we're doing the same shit we've done back in our sophmore years of high school. I'm tired of slacking off and living like a bum and sh!t" lol...
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I flash my ridiculously white teeth at you in contempt Sir!

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OT: variety is the spice of life, my genitals don't discriminate on the basis of religion.
Friends are valuable. I [personally] would be hesitant to abandon a friend so ruthlessly and immediately. This may be a time where he actually needs you most. Just because you aren't fond of his girlfriend, and although his drinking and smoking may be disagreeable with I don't think those are good reason to totally abandon a great friend.

People do grow apart and it's inevitable, but shouldn't be done without talking about it beforehand. I would suggest first giving him some space, not seeing him for a few days or whatever, and then just spending some quality time, the two of you together, and just hash out both sides of the equation; if things become obviously irreconcilable on either side then perhaps some distance is required or beneficial.

I wouldn't cut myself off entirely though. Like I said earlier if he truly requires your companionship, thoughts, presence, whatever, that shouldn't be unavailable after all the history you've shared.
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Move on. People change. Friends change. You'll realize at some point that you've made the right choice.
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If you are going to abandon this childhood friend just like that dude that's cold. If he's out of line tell him. If this succubus has him whipped and hes just bitching about it a lot tell him to man the hell up. But I've questioned my group of friends many times and had my doubts but they usually do come through for me in some way. Burning bridges isn't something to mess around with.

And also, there's nothing wrong with pot.
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I don't believe he said there issomething wrong with pot, he said he doesn't like because of the paranoia he gets, and his friend is just drinking and being self-centered from what it seems because he has a girl, ive seen this happen alot, and ill i can say is talk to him and tell him how you feel, and if he continues just break the chain, you got a whole life to live man, just live it
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I would say talk some sense into him because he's probably on the way to destroying his own life, but I doubt he'd totally change just by talking to him.
Unless he has some absolutely irreplaceable quality ditch him.
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