Little bit of a celebratory forum post here guys a few of you out there may know me as a constant asker and whiner about how i despise my songwriting skills, asking for advice etc. However, after over 2 years of being associated with music, i finally have written the intrumental to a song, and i dont just like what ive written, i love it!
My song consists of two guitar tracks, a guitar track which i later renamed a piano, since i thought it sounded like one, a bass track, a string section and drums.
I started the song months ago, jsut as a few bars worth of melodic exercise, which i put a simple drum beat, bassline and chords under a melodic idea i had, which i saved. My friend from America also gave me a little help with the bass and drums here, which was a well-needed boost
about a month later, i randomly added a few more bars, but with a double time effect (bpm is 80, but used 16ths to impersonate a 160 speed), and it transisted really well. This jsut kept going until i had an intro, verse, pre-chorus and chorus. I then copied these dieas in the relevant structure, adding where i thoguht appropriate. This process dragged over a few months, when i had time/inspiration to continue all the layers of the song.
Finally, a few days ago, i imputted a random solo worth 4 bars (sounding like 8 due to double time effect) and was done. I decided to name the song "The First Frontier".

I am really fond of my finished piece, despite it only playing back on crappy midi sounds that guitar pro offers, but i imagine how it would sound through proper intruments, and would love the oppurtunity to get this into the studio one day, as well as talking to my lyricist and vocalist friends for adding vocals.

I personally thought id never write a song i loved as much as this, and im incredibly happy i do my advice to novice and new songwriters is simply don't worry at all about your songwriting skills, because eventually you WILL get somewhere. It took me 2 years of palying my instrument to get there. It could take you longer, it could take you much less time too. Just keep at it, and above all, enjoy it! i palyed a LOT of covers thorugh making this, which i also think is key to songwriting. Learn a lot of songs. go for it guys and gals!

Nice to hear you finally wrote your first song. Why don't you post the Guitar Pro or midi file here so we can listen to it and give some feedbacks?
well lets hear it bro!
by the time you read this you will be wasting your time because it doesnt say anything
Ive attached the song i wrote on here, for you guys to crit it it should be called "Avantasia-inspired", purely becasue thats what was ispiring me when this project began to took off, and i havent been bothered to change the name XD. i assume this'll make you happy poglia (nice scarecrow avatar, man of good taste!) doesnt neccesarily sound like em, they jsut kinda drove me on at one point haha
If you are going to a transition like that on bar 15 you might want to build up longer!
And the lead starting at 9 sounds a little anonymous, maybe find a backing track in C minor and noodle over it (record yourself noodling) and pick ideas out of it

Great job btw
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