I need to buy good strings for my epi hummingbird,any ideas? I hear Martin & D'As are good. What size/gauge should I get? I play classic Rock & mainly fingerpick if that helps
Gauge is a personal preference, but I use martins on my acoustic and D'As on my electrics.
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I use rotosound on both electric and acoustic.
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Gauge is a personal preference, but I use martins on my acoustic and D'As on my electrics.

What gauge?
I absolutely love D'Addario Phosphor Bronze .12s [Gotta be specific about which type of strings--for some reason companies make more than one in the pursuit of profits or something. ] and a lot of people in A&CG swear by Elixirs. I'm sure that when Patticake gets around to coming through, she'll have a balling suggestion that blows the rest out of the water.
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Gotta get dem' Elixir Strings

I use elixir strings on mine but I will probably be trying some new ones out sometime
i, too, love d'addario phosphor bronze. i use the 12's on my parlor - they sound just great. on some of my other guitars i use 10's or martin silk and steels, and when i want a little more brilliance, i use dr rare pb's.
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Thanks for the input guys. I'll def stay w/ the strings that I have on. (12 D'As bronze)
I just recently started using Elixirs on my acoustic and I love them, doubt I will ever go back! I meant to order .12's but accidentally ordered .13's which are a little too much so I'm buying .12's next time for sure

If you like Boyce Avenue then you should go for elixirs, they use them in all their Taylors and it sounds wonderful!
Many manufacturers will specify a particular gauge of string for a particular guitar. For instance, my Taylor GS Mini specifies medium-gauge strings.

Some instruments may be damaged by installing too-heavy a gauge of string; always best to check with the manufacturer to see what they recommend.
Most any decent shop will be glad to put a micrometer on your existing strings and see what size they are if you're not sure.

Just for the record, I've used the D'Addario phosphor bronze strings for many years.... They don't sound as "crashy" when they're new as do many.
On most my acoustic guitars I like to use Elixir 12's. 1 of my acoustics likes elixir 13's. I've also got an acoustic that uses newtone 12's. Different strings sound good on different guitars so there isn't 1 brand thats good for everything.
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I have used many different brands but my favorite is Elixir 12's nanoweb. The Polywebs don't seem to be as rich in tone.