Hey guys,

First of all I am not quite shore that I posted this in the right place so please forgive me if I have, Thanks.

Ok well lets start with the fact that im not a good lead guitar player at all, on the other hand (not bragging just saying) my rythem guitar is pretty strong, which is great but I want to be able to shred like my hero's like paul gilbert, marty friedman, kirk hammett, dave mustaine...

I really do not know what leval of playing I am on so I will give you some examples of what songs I can play RYTHEM guitar without mistakes: Train of consequences, wake up dead, mechanix, symphony of destruction, paranoid, crazy train, master of puppets, enter sandman, creeping death, ride the lightning, one, seek and destroy...(and many more but those are the mains)

but on LEAD guitar I can only play the intro solo to welcome home sanitarium, intro one, intro fade to black(still having trouble with the 15 b 14e 19e part)
and thats pretty much it.

What would you recommend for me and others with the same issue? learning scales, learning songs by ear, specific solos...???

Please help, and to all that do Thanks alot
every little piece of help will be highly appreciated
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figure out what you can't do that you want to do and work on that. generally i recommend that people learn solos that they enjoy and think they might be able to play with a little work. past that just play slowly and cleanly until you can work up to speed.
I would learn the theory and techniques you want to use in your own solos before trying to learn other peoples' solos. It's easier to analyze what they're doing and why they're doing it, and you know what techniques and personal touches they use to make it sound like "them". If you want to just jump into, say, the Hangar 18 solos, you'll need to know basic sweeping and things like that.

Another option is finding solos you enjoy and just really toughing it out. It might take a REALLY long time before you can get them clean and up to speed, but each one after that is much easier.
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Hey there, I would suggest just working on common techniques if you're not yet familiar with them. Things such as your basic hammer-ons, pull-offs, bends, etc. Then work your way into some more challenging stuff such as tapping and sweep picking. Also for soloing alternate picking is a must. Lookup some good exercises online (they are all over the place) and practice them along to a METRONOME. Start out slow and build speed with time. Before you know it you'll be shredding. Also from the songs you listed it sounds like you're definitely into Metal. Which lucky for you happens to be some of the hardest solos around in my personal opinion. But just remember everything takes practice and what you put into it, you'll get out of it. If I were you before taking on a crazy solo, I would start off with something moderately simple. I'm not going to suggest anything because what I think of as easy could be completely different from your opinion. So you should listen to some songs and pick out some solos you think you can handle and go for it. Good Luck man.
It comes with practice. Work with some songs that are just out of reach and practice bits and pieces real slow until your fingers know where to go. Perfect practice and form will do help out a lot instead of playing full speed and screwing up all the time.

As said, make sure your technique is good. You don't take a p.o.s. cavalier to a race against a pimpin camaro, y'know? Your engine will overheat and the car will shit on you.
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A big thanks to all you guys who replied, I will use all the advice you gave me!
BTW hail gave me a brilliant idea, you said (at least what I got out of it ) try learning a hard song slowly and accurately no matter how many time it takes so would you think that i can learn EVH's eruption in 2 months if I play for 1 hour every single day? please give me your honest opinion it means allot to me!