Hi all, i'm looking to replace the pickups in my epiphone les paul, but I'm not entirely sure on what I should be looking for (there are just so many different pups to choose from)
I play pretty much everything from jazz to metal, but this guitar will be primarily for rock.
The kind of bands I'd want to emulate would be
Guns n Roses/velvet revolver
The answer
And other similar bands.
Thanks in advance
any kind of PAF clone so: Gibson burstbuckers, Duncan '59s, dimarzio 36th anniversary PAFs
all the bands you listed above have guitarists who favour more vintage inspired pickups. That's what you should be looking for. Lower output and either alnico 2,3 or 5 magnets
Slash plays -->Seymour Duncan Alnico II.

You could also try other manufacturer's Alnico II..
1. The SG stands for “solid guitar.”
but then alnico 5 mag pickups give you the bite needed for something like ACDC, depends really, could get a pair that have different alnico types
I've heard good things about these, also look into Irongear pickups for cheaper alternatives to SD and dimarzio