Hello iv been trying to work out the intro licks that Clapton plays in the live version of sunshine of your love from the one more car one more rider album, does anyone know where to get them iv looked but haven't had any luck. If theres no tab could someone point me in the direction of the scales he uses to form the intro part I just think it sounds pretty dam nice!
D minor pentatonic. He doesn't even deviate from first position.
From memory, it'll just be pentatonic with a few major notes in?

I'm a massive Clapton stalker and thats all he ever uses. Occasionally blues scale, but not as much as people say he does.
Perfect thanks guys once the blisters have healed on the ends of my fingers il be learning that!
I got a few albums a few weeks ago and just can't stop listening to them I can see why people like him so much.
Piop, he does change from the first position.

Clapton is one of the best guitarists to get into! You need to see him live, a million times better than on record. Managed to see him 6 times and ended up a few metres away from him at his new years party! Greatest achievement of my life xD.