Sup guys

Basically, in short, my wah pedal (Dunlop GCB-95 CryBaby) wont run off of a daisychain for some unknown reason.

Here is my rig setup

GUITAR -> Boss TU-2 Tuner -> CryBaby -> Boss DS-1 distortion -> Boss DD-7 Delay -> Boss BF-3 Flanger -> Boss NS-2 Suppressor -> AMP

All of my Boss pedals are being powered via a Boss/Roland PSA-120S, with a daisy chain starting from the TU-2 (it acts as a seperate power supply for those who are unfamiliar). The adapter is center negative, as well as the wah. I run my wah on 9v batteries (hence why I want a working adapter). I've tried f*cking around with and without a battery hooked up.

I have tried decreasing my effects loop by making it strictly a wah and tuner for experimental purposes to see if the wah simply isn't receiving enough power....but that's not the case.

Can anyone shed some light on this? Maybe shoot me a few product links for a single adapter strictly for my wah? I know Dunlop makes an adapter, however I would much rather have a daisy chain set-up (1 adapter, multiple-heads on single cord).

I know it's not a problem with the wah itself. I'm guessing the plastic casing around the daisy-cable is simply too big for the plug to fully sit inside of the CryBaby. Good news is I'm buying a 535Q in the very near future.
i found a 9v power supply for the gcb-95f on amazon.co.uk for about $7 i think that might be worth a look in the short term :p

could be due to the level of amp's on the plug??
I don't like using power supplies really, I think pedals sound better on a battery. I had a power supply in my wah and my distortion for awhile, I couldn't even hear the wah in the pedal and the distortion was muddied to hell. I put batteries in them and they sounded 42 times better.
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