The first step is finding the right channel selector footswitch that is jcm 900 compatible, (I'm done buying marshall footswitches, they have been pretty unreliable for me). I also want to find one that can be modded, for reverb and possibly another eq setting or 2, to help clean up tone.... FEEL FREE TO STOP ME RIGHT HERE IF A PEDAL LIKE THIS ALREADY EXISTS. I don't want any type of large effects processor or loopstation either, I want something simple, which is why im looking for all of this in a single pedal in the first place.

I've checked out a few alternative footswitch sites, but am not sure which of these are compatible with my amp. I would be looking for something similar to this:


I would be into something like this, however I have heard sketchy things about this company.

I would be sending away for this, not doing it myself. I really just want to familiarize myself so I don't sound stupid when asking for something like this. Alright now, is it possible to put a reverb switch and other eq setting knobs into something like this? If so, would someone be able to get ahold of the necessary parts without other pedals that the effects would belong to? Does this project seem like too much to ask of a person that does mods?

Pretty much what I am asking is, what kind of parts are necessary to this project? Also, what kind of processes would take place?
bBoss FS-6, I think, should fit your needs nicely
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