I assume a Teisco E-110...Paint stripped? Or is it one of the other many brands these guitars were produced under? Any way to determine? No markings anywhere.
Bought it at a Pawn for $100...Neck is great, just needs a new jack.

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I've seen one of these not too far from here. Actually two of them. What are they exactly? I was going to buy them but I was with my friend and his MILF that day
I love the Blackhawks jersey.

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If I hold still I can get it to play for a bit...Sounded just as I expected...cool. Can't wait to put a new jack in it.
You got ripped off.

The following statement is true. The proceeding statement is false.
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You got ripped off.

A little true. Ones on my craigslist go for around $80-$90, if not less, but are usually in worse shape.

It is a pretty cool find, and a novelty nonetheless.
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You got ripped off.

A few bucks for one that has a straight neck...Not complaining

And I'm not worried about its originality, I'm gonna paint the hell out of it