Hey guys,

I dropped my guitar and part of the nut snapped off. I called the local shop and he said it would cost $40 to fix. Is this a fair price? Or is it something easy I can do myself?
$40 is dirt cheap for a nut replacement (I paid $90). The guy has either never done it before or he's so damned good that he can get it finished and set up in under an hour.
Consider the technician's time, cost of materials and the know-how and experience to do the job right. If he's replacing the nut and has to file the new one, this is a decent price.

Is it cracked where the string goes? If so, I'd make sure he's replacing the nut with a new one. I'd recommend bone.
yeah the part of the nut on the low e-string broke of so Im certain it will need to be replaced, I told him this also.
What Ethan Hanus said, it costs $15 to get a nut off the Graphtech site(they make you buy at least $20 in stuff though, so I went and bought 2. You can prolly get one from a store no problem, but I couldn't find a lefty 1 5/8" nut in the one shop with Graphtech here, so I had to order. xD), and swapping the nut's a matter of tapping the other one out gently then sliding the new one in(I used a hammer and chisel but there's likely a better way). Also, TS, I love your sig, Criss is an IMMENSELY underrated musician, as is his brother Jon(Sirens...that's all I'm saying. AH, AH~). Cheers, hope all goes well!
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Hey thanks for the replies, he said it would be $40 including everything so I'm guessing this is a pretty good deal? If the nut cost $20 then I wouldnt mind spending that I guess on getting it done professionally.

@Enix165 Sirens is an amazing album. Those two were definitely a great duo didn't get the recognition they deserved. Read the other day that Criss was offered a spot in Megadeth , but declined. I thought that was pretty cool, at least someone saw his talent. Good to see another Savatage fan!
A micarta nut blank is $3.50 and a bone nut still under $10.00. If the tech is going to provide a nut aand install it for $40 that's a good price and if done correctly will probably be btter than you buying a pre-slotted nut and sanding down the base till it's the correct height.
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