Hello UG friends, i want ur opinions,, i want to buy a new (50 W or around) hybrid amplifier,, my choices are the VOX VT40+(with digital modeling and aparently good decent not linesisxly effects) and the other is a MArshall AVT50x 2 chanels and reverb, the only options, both of em with footswitch and 12 ax7 tube ,vox has it in power amp an marshall in preamp ,,,



i am an all around player from progressive metal an shred to jazz (only respected music genres no emo, screamo, punk, core and idem that only use 3 chords), i like good cleans. i want it for rehearsal wit my new prog rock band and small gigs. in my country the two amps would cost the same around 500 dollars, buying on internet the vox is cheaper 310usd but there exist the ****in expensive shippin and taxes (around 210 usd) to Honduras so its like buying the avt 50+ in my country for 530 USD.... i dont want to expend more than that (around 500usd)and make a good invest

please friends help me and comment (sorry if my english redaction confuses you somtimes)
Personally i've got to give it to the Vox. Its the only modeling amp that doesnt sound gimmicky to me. Its got some great sounds.
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hi charley thanks 4 ur opinion do you think it can be loud enough to compete with a drummer??
It could keep up, but it wouldnt make itself known too well, the 1x12 model would be plenty though. I suppose it depends on how heavy handed your drummer is. Mine might as well have had lead drum sticks, so 30-50 watts into a ten was just enough so if yours has any amount of dynamic control id say it should cut it
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Why'd you make 2 different threads about this?
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If you can swing it, I'd say get the vt80+. It's a bit louder and has the 1x12 format, which will push a little more air and sound tad bit more "full". For modeling it has a great warm tone (for cheaps) and the cleans can sound really good. The overdrive models are better than the full on distortion, but you can get good distortion with some tweaking. I like it better than the Marshall.
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i've got to agree with the others.... vox > marshall avt.

i've got the marshall avt150..... it was my first big amp and done the job but i soon found it's limitations with tone and ended up using alot of pedals to sculpt a decent sound out of it. i also have a friend who has the avt50 and he agreed with my thoughts on the matter.

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thanx to everybody for ur opinions, this was the last step surelly i will go for a vt40+, i would like a vt80+, but the shipin and taxes make it unafordable for me, it would cost double the price for shipin and taxes ...thanx everybody 4 ur advice and keep rockin !! bless you all gearheads!