Sorry if this is the wrong forum thread, I'm not sure where else to post, though.

I feel stupid asking this, but I bought an Ibanez RG5EX1L (lefty) a couple months back, and I'm really not digging the hassles of having a trem system. I hardly use it at all. But, I do like the tone, and the neck is extremely playable, so I want to keep the guitar.

My question is, since it has the Edge III trem system on it, would I still be able to replace the bridge with a fixed bridge, and if so what kind of bridges work with Ibanez guitars? Thanks in advance.
Crap, I didn't think so, lol. I never heard of the Tremel-No before, just checked it out. That might possibly be a solution to my problem. Thanks a lot, dude.
Just block it with some pieces of wood man, alot cheaper than a tremol-no
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Block the trem off with a piece of wood.

I used paper in my RG120


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