I keep reading people say that guitars with floyds sound thin because a lot of wood is taken out. Is this true? I currently own a Epi les paul. Will going to a guitar with a floyd sound worse for cleans and heavy music?
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Do they all sound thin; No
Will they sound 'thinner' than the same model with a hardtail bridge; Yes.

The routing for the trem, and the trem itself make the guitar a bit brighter, and do make it a bit thinner, but that doesn't mean they can't still sound thick/good.
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Will going to a guitar with a floyd sound worse for cleans and heavy music?


It'll sound different than a similar guitar without a Floyd, but not necessarily worse. My main guitar is used for heavier music and it sounds great clean. It has a Floyd. I prefer its sound over my Les Paul.

That being said, many guitars sound thinner than Les Pauls.
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They do sound thinner because alot of the body had been cut out, but this can easily be solved with a big block
also depends on the wood type i guess, i have a gibson les paul and a charvel san dimas. now there's a big difference in tone for you. the les paul sounds way thicker and the charvel way snappier or brighter, mainly the body wood i'd say mahogany vs alder or whatever the san dimas has. now brighter does make a guitar better for certain styles, just to say funky style guitar playing a la james brown works well, but also red hot chili peppers is nice to play on my charvel.

now that's been said i'd say get a big range of tone posibilities(wrong right.. i'm not from US of UK). for example keep your les paul but get something completely the opposite if you want versatility. if you just want to play a one genre or higher gain stuff just ignore this xD