Should I buy:

Martin OMCPA-4 for AU$2100


Cole Clark FL2AC for $2000?

And why in YOUR opinion is it superior to the other?

EDIT: Other suggestions are welcome, my budget is AU$2300.
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this is one of those personal preference things. the martin is nice, but the cole clark FL2AC just blows me away with its beautiful rich tone, so that's the one of the two i'd go with if it were me.
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I have a friend who has a cole clark fat lady (cant remember which one) but it sounds absolutely amazing, but choosing a guitar is mainly personal preference and which guitar feels better to you.
I say go for the Cole Clark. Martins are very overpriced here in Australia.

A quick google search shows that the Martin you listed can be bought for $1200 in the states. I couldn't justify paying $2100 for it with that in mind.