I love these orchestra/rock fusions... they make for awesome epic soundtracks. You've got the right idea with the military-style snare. That works very well with the style/genre (what is this genre even called?). Only thing, maybe... apart from the brief breaks like the one at ~1:32, there's no real decrescendo, and I think in this type of music a quiet section followed by a repetition of earlier themes in a bigger, even more epic way is really very effective. Like for example, after the strings-only part near the end, you could bust back into a solo with more pounding drums and cymbals. In terms of production, I'd like the guitar to be BALLSY. I want it to steal the stage when it's played. More presence!

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I agree with the guy above me, it needs more dynamics, especially for an epic song, and the guitars need to slap you in the face every once in a while, they sound so quiet and not in the mix. The snare is pretty cool, but could come down in the mix, since it gets annoying after a while of being so loud in the mix.

The lead guitar sounds great though, so that's a plus. Pretty cool song.

Thanks for the crit btw.
The guitars need to come up and the snare down a little.

I like the orchestral sounds you have going on, they suit the vibe and everything really well.

Even the lead guitar needs to come up a bit more since it has a real nice tone and melody, I'd love to hear it more.

As has already been said, perhaps some more dynamics, a little more quiet loud sorta stuff, even if you just mixed up/took the drums out for a bit or something, it'd help with that, since they basically just do the same thing the whole time.

The outro is nice, almost sounds happy in a way, nice work mate.

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OK WOW I GUESS COMMANDER BADASS JUST CAME IN!! I like the small chromatic gesture I'm getting in the left channel. WICKED SNARES! NO THE MARCH OF DOOM IS UPON US! WOW THAT GUITAR SAYS HEEEEEEEEEEELOLLOO ITS WAR!!!! The guitar is the chief commander and I am but a casualty of it's brutal army!! Nice harmonies too, you didn't go with standard chords which is nice, there is some movement. My only thing, is how can you bring us to orgasm without any foreplay! You never bring it down, it's just hard ****ing for too long and now I feel raw!! Try backing off and bringing things back in. OVERALL GREAT JOB

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