There's also some good bull-shit on this site called the crusades. Check that shit yo.
if I was you, I would go to the lessons, and the columns on the website.. google some and download some Ebooks. Take all of that mix it together. thats how I did it. though im not no pro on theory or anything.
Internet. Take lessons. Buy a book. Ask us. There are several ways to start learning that stuff.
MT is usually pretty helpful for this kind of thing...

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I would HIGHLY suggest you get Doug Marks Metal Method DVD on Theory. Get the OLD version and the NEW one. You may be thinking that it is just going to be some crap you aren't going to understand again, but his lessons are one of a kind.
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I need to start learning theory. The triads, scales, all that junk. Where do I start??

Ideally.... with a teacher/ class and a book.

If your unwilling to invest any money into this need, then you can always ask questions here and try to make sense of the ensuing arguments. That's free, and you can learn a thing or 2, but if you're starting from the very beginning, it might not be the best way to go about it. Its important to start at an appropriate place and build up from there step by step. That kind of guidance is found in books and professional instruction.
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