Ive got some Dimarzio pickups Id like to get rid of. Both are brand new in the box(never been opened). One is a Dimarzio Liquifire(neckpup John Petrucci)..other is a Dimarzio Evolution( bridge pickup Steve Vai).Ill let them both go for $100 shipped. Message me if interested.Thanks!
That's a little cheap for both pickups if they are new. Fishy.

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That's a little cheap for both pickups if they are new. Fishy.

They are new. Ive just had them sitting around and have no use for them. Theres no use in questioning my integrity, if you think its fishy then simply go to another thread. This thread is a classified ad for someone wanting to purchase the pickups, not for someone to complain about a cheap price.
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could you go in with 50$ shipped to the netherlands for the evo?

I would rather sell them together as a set. But thanks.
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Even better. Heres a video that shows the pickups along with some of my other gear that Im selling.