is this just another term for freestyle poetry? why has it got to be SLAM poetry?

good taste though, talib is one of my favorite rappers and poets, his style CAN get repetetive but he's just stuck with a really distinctive and flowin' swagga. he puts out tons of good stuff.
Daniel Beaty - Duality

Daniel Beaty - Knock Knock

Mark Gonzalez - As With Most Men

Steve Coleman - Terrorist Threat

Shihan - The Auction Network

Carlos Andres Gomez - What's Genocide

Paul Flores - Brown Dream

Perre Shelton - Dandelions

and then anything by George Watsky

WEDIT: Anything by Black Ice as well

Poemcees - Cheatin' (MUST SEE)

and finally, another must see, Kayo - Who am I.
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Taylor Mali went to Kansas State University (Where I go). My Introduction to Literary studies teacher taught him when he was there. Everyone in the English Department loves him and shows his videos all the time. He came back to K-State last fall to perform. I wish I would have gone.
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