Ok Im sorry but I can't take it anymore! What happened to the day when you could just click on a song title and see tabs infront of you? I don't want to have to download ill thought-out software in order to do something so simple! Why did we have to overthink this and create problems that never needed to be! Please someone out there tell me that it's still possible to find tabs without having to download a bunch of crap onto my computer first.
What are you talking about? I can see them just fine, and I didn't download a single software. :P
Dude just click on a tab, unless your computer is from the stone age you should be fine.
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Dude, Guitar Pro files are way more easier to read than regular tabs once you get it.
It shows note duration and you can listen through and slow it down if you like.
If you don't like it though, just avoid the Guitar Pro files god dammit!
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i think think guy is trying to download guitarpro files

Even so, all you need to get is guitar pro