Help me prove someone that VST amp sim can sound great! give me your recordings


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Both of the songs on my profile are amp sims, for what it's worth.
Here's some more shit I've done with amp sims: (guitars come in again after a while, they sound a lot better than the first few seconds)
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Catharsis studio did this a while ago.

Also this. It's the reason I even got into amp modelling to begin with.
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Look at some of the demos on Youtube of Lepou's Lextac and Onqel's X50, they're both great. My favourite amp sim is probably Acmebargig's Series 60, but a lot of the demonstrations of it are terrible because it takes a lot of getting used to.

There are some great mixes on the Andy Sneap forum as well, although a greater amount of shit one.
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